So this Holi I tried Gujiyas at home… with Mom, and maid’s help of course… I was a bit scared to try it on my own… Mom gathered up the initial enthu!!

Well… to my surprise it quite easy !! (Funny how that comes to you when you have been avoiding it for years)!! So I thought I should pass on my newfound wisdom, and easy recipe, of course.

Now, the recipe is by ‘andaaz’… you know how we all cook but never really know how much of what we are putting…. but seriously, give it a try, tweak it around to suit your own fancy… the process is not tough. And when you eat the warm gujiyas…. yummmmmmmmmmmmm! 🙂

For the filling this is what we did:  dry roast   (keep aside), add 100 gms khoya to kadhai with some ghee and stir till it turns light brown, then add dry fruits, stir a bit more. Add 1 or 2 tbsp sugar till it melts and becomes soft, and lastly grated desiccated coconut about 2-3 tbsp. Add the suji also at this time. Now everyone doesn’t like the coconut flavour, so choose accordingly. You can up the Suji content if you are not putting coconut. The consistency should be a bit crumbly and a bit powdery in places.

For the dough: Maida kneaded with oil/ghee. First rub the ghee/oil through the maida till its crumbly. Then add a bit more till it holds in your palm when you close it tight. Add just a bit more water to make a soft dough and comes out clean from the vessel. If its sticky, just a hint of more oil/ghee should do the trick.

For sticking the ends together: Just prepare a little mix of maida and water. Maida doesn’t dissolve, so you’ll have to stir it with your fingers each time you are trying to use that as ‘glue’ to stick the ends of your gujiya together.

So now step wise:

Step 1: Roll out the dough in small round shapes. Take it on your palm.                 

Step 2: Add enough filling to ensure you can fold over the filling into a semi-circular shapes, but still leave enough space around the edges to stick the edges.                


Step 3: And then try pinching it all around to seal it and give a nice shape (the nice edges come only after you’ve made about a million of these… so don’t be critical of mine… or yours when you make them!)

Step 3: Put in hot oil and fry till light brown

Step 4: Eat and enjoy!!  🙂

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