I have already conquered the gujiyas… and very close on its heels (like the same day)…. was the mighty Samosa!!!

So here’s the dope on that….

Filling: We made VEG peas and potato filling. Very simple, non-spicy so kids could also have it. But I’ll tell you some alternatives. Masalas we used: Salt, garam masala, jeera powder. Use a little oil and put the masalas, add the peas and diced potatoes (small pieces), stir around till light brown. The cover and cook till the veges are done. If there’s any water/ moisture, heat till its dry.

Dough: (see the Gujiya post)

Sticking glue: (see the gujiya post)

Now step wise process (with pics!!):

Step 1: Roll out into a round shape. Cut into 2 halves. One half for each Samosa.

Step 2: Need to make a cone shape. Use your hands to hold it open to stuff the filling in.



Step 3: Once the filling is in, flatten it a bit on your palm into a triangular shape, with some space around the edges


Step 4: Paste edges, put in kadhai to fry till golden brown


Step 5: What else? SLURP!! 🙂

P.S.: Alternatives – For better taste, add finely chopped coriander, grated ginger and finely chopped green chillies. Also a good Non-veg option is mutton keema and peas. You’ll have to pressure cook and dry the filling.

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