Ok, here;s a recipe that I improvised from Rouxbe (http://rouxbe.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&type=recipes&q=chicken+saltimbocca) 

It’s much easier to cook recipes from cookbooks and websites now : 1) Ingredients are now more easily available and 2) The authors make sure they provide the Indian name, or a recipe to make something (so there are recipes within recipes)… it still took much longer than I expected. But it was surprisingly fun… layering stuff, pounding it to flatten… interesting aromas and flavours, and lots of cheese and meat!! What else does one need?

I substituted the cambozola cheese with Gorgonzola. I went to Godrej Nature’s Basket and didn’t find Cambozola (very sad), then googled and found out I could use Gorgonzola (http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/Dictionary/C/Cambozola-cheese-5786.aspx) … so i did. I managed all the other ingredients fine. But forgot the unsalted butter. So I went ahead with normal butter, and went easy on the salt. I used normal white wine, didn’t bother with a cooking wine etc. And for the sauce, i didn’t follow exact measurements… there may have been a little more wine! (HIC!)  🙂  Just tried to get the consistency right.

Try it… it’s quite easy… and the prosciutto makes it taste absolutely fantastic!!!! Here’s two pics….

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