So one Sunday when I felt creative (read bored with nothing to do) I thought let me try making Yogurt ice cream. It turned out quite well and it tasted like Cocoberry 🙂 so here’s my recipe

250 gms yogurt (I used homemade with double toned milk)

1 Small packet Amul fresh cream

250 gms Sugar (depends on if you like it really sweet)

1 packet strawberries

4 slices of pineapple

few drops of pineapple essence

1.Cut the pieces of pineapple and put it in churned yogurt then let them freeze till solid usually takes 5-6 hrs

2. Cut Strawberries into 4-6 pieces (depending on the size of Strawberries) and add 10 tablespoon and half cup water and let it boil till it purees a little but the Strawberries should not become a pulp

3.Take rest of the sugar and churn it in the grinder, add frozen yogurt in step 1 , add 2-3 drops of pineapple essence,a pinch of salt and churn till it all mixes . You could also add Strawberries here instead of Pineapple.

4. Add half the packet of Amul Fresh Cream to the above the mixture (make sure everything is cold including the cream otherwise it’ll become butter) churn it in the grinder lightly to make it smooth

5. Freeze the above mixture and churn it in the grinder lightly before serving as you’ll get crystallized ice cream

Serve the churned mixture with the pureed Strawberries in step 2

Let me know how it came out!




3 thoughts on “My own Strawberry Cocoberry recipe

  1. wow…im gonna try it soon. will let you know hw it comes out. But i prefer you making it and getting it fr me 🙂

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