My taste for hot rum developed in my hostel days when we guys used to gather around on most evenings with a bottle or two ( or three or more) of Old Monk. Cola being a lavish extravagance on a student’s budget, the rum was had with steaming hot water procured from the Hostel Bathroom geyser (where else?). The hot rum protected us from coughs, colds and helped us cope up with the intense work pressure.

As I moved on in life, the taste buds got  more sophisticated and perceived hygiene levels higher (Bathroom geyser….ugh). The taste for hot rum has now evolved into a keen fondness for Hot Buttered Rum, which is the HBR I refer to here.

While many variants exist, the recipe below is my current favorite. You can get creative and come up with your own individual signature drink.

To make 1 drink, you will need:

–          45-60 ml Dark Rum (I use Old Monk or Captain Morgan. Both have their own unique character. I have even made this with whisky without losing out on the soul of this drink)

–          A pinch of Cinnamon

–          Half a pinch of Nutmeg (optional)

–          A pinch of cardamom powder

–          2-3 peppercorns- crushed

–          1 teaspoon Sugar/ Demerara sugar/ Honey

–          At least half a teaspoon of salted butter

–          Vanilla essence (1/4 teaspoon)

–          Cinnamon stick for garnish (optional)

–          Boiling water


1.       Pour 30-50 ml of hot water in the coffee mug and add all the ingredients except the Rum.

2.       Stir with a teaspoon till the butter is fully blended in, and all the sugar dissolved. This is the most important step to ensure that your drink is smooth and creamy.

3.       Add the Rum

4.       Top with hot water

5.       When taking photos for the blog/ facebook, garnish with the Cinnamon stick as a stirrer

Serve Hot in a coffee mug. Close your eyes and inhale the flavors as you sip the hot drink slowly. Notice the blend of sweet and bitter tastes on your tongue and savor the creamy smoothness as it passes your palate. Don’t forget to lick the salt from your lips.

This drink is an ideal nightcap guaranteed to take your mind far away from the insanity of daily life and get you back in touch with the simple pleasures of life.


3 thoughts on “HBR- Not the scholarly kind

  1. @RC- Wrote this post on the way home. Was planning to put photo and all. But laziness prevailed and I put it up just like that. Maybe in a day or two, I could embellish it with a pic.

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