So as our weekly ritual, we went to spend the Sunday trying to figure out a nice place to eat. I had heard from Prateek that Ai’s Sunday brunch is supposed to be good.

So after I saw Sanctum since, reflexly hubby goes off to sleep after wearing the 3D glasses, we went to Ai. As usual the husband was given drinks menu and me the brunch menu (I wonder why?why can’t women order drinks for men?) Khair, so the menu looked impressive- there was beef, pork,chicken and fish. So started with salad which has 4 types of lettuce -iceberg, green and red, the got 3 sake size little cups of 3 types of soup- miso, miso with tofu and tomato infused with jasmine- this sucked big time! with cold starters of some sort of Sashimi – highly avoidable.

Now time for starters which surprisingly where hot and fresh but again didn’t have much imagination or variety so there were different types of skewers- Pork, Chicken, Mushroom,Fish they all tasted the same as they were dipped in barbecue sauce which is very off the shelf. What impressed me was there was this guy who served us freshly made sushi at our table, so i tried beef, salmon and asparagus. Its a no-go place for vegetarians for sure they have no choice if you don’t want to eat mushroom or asparagus.

Only 1 pre-made sushi was served which again had salmon in it hence, very little choice. Then the main course came so I ordered prawn curry with rice and hubby ordered veggies with noodles- the prawns were unimpressive but the veggies curry was good and the noodles were better than eating plain rice. The desserts had 3 really small portions of creme brulee, some sorta gooey brownie and ice cream hovering around average, with freshly glazed fruits and recommended Darjeeling tea ice cream.

I will give Ai numbers only for style and will recommend that you experience Yum Yum Tree at New Friends colony they are great – the service is good, the food imaginative, they’ll bring all the entrees and dimsums that you would ever want to eat. But let me warn you they don’t serve a main course. So it’s deserts and entrees, dimsums and lots of Jasmin Tea.So the last time when we went everyone wanted to eat noodles also so the cook specially prepared stir fried noodles for us which were so-so but I will give him marks for the effort he put. Also, the Maitre D here is more active and the service never subsides. Recommended food here are their glass dumplings with Prawns and their entree made of pork ribs.


6 thoughts on “Ai nayi: Review of Ai

  1. RC, AI is in Metropolitan Mall (Next to Select Citywalk – if you know where that is 😉 ), Saket. Why you must go there is because it DOES serve authentic Japanese grub including a live sushi counter at your table with freshly made full (un-cut) sushi wrapped in whole seaweed – something you don’t normally get at most places around delhi. That this place was ranked the No. 1 Japanese restaurant at the HT City crystals (apart from just me recommending the food) is another reason you may like to consider it! 🙂

    MEGS83, the soup was for vegetarians, which like you said – this restaurant is not just meant for. The beef skewers (which i noticed you gave a miss in your mentions above) was indeed something even non-regular beef eaters like my wife really enjoyed…yes, the barbecue sauce was a bit much, but it also helped bring out the taste distinctly of the meat in question – beef, mutton, crispy fish, or chicken for that matter.

    The main course i agree isn’t particularly brilliant but once you’ve stuffed yourself with rounds of skewers and sushi, the dessert (esp the chocolate fondue, though the creme brulee and vanilla sorbet are nice too) is worth waiting for..not too bad for Rs.1199/- plus taxes…not too bad after all. Plus the outdoor ambience on a warm winter afternoon is quite welcome… 🙂

    1. Such detail should not be left lying in a comment. You should contribute here as well. Your boss does.. so shouldn’t be a problem!! Let me know which ID to send the invite to. 🙂

  2. Yes, if you’re comparing with chalu-japanese (read ‘tadka daal ke’) places like Yum Yum Tree, then I agree – AI is not a place you should go to..! 🙂

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