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My Wife’s Cooking

I come to the table preoccupied
You serve me dal with rice,
Simple to cook, done in a jiffy –
3/4th cup dal, 2 cups water,
Turmeric, and a pinch of salt –
Boil, boil, till it is done.
Then the tadka, a splatter in hot oil
Of kalonji, or red chilies maybe?
Simple, fast, easy – done!

I lose myself to the food wholly
Mashing the dal with the steaming rice
I blow on my fingers,
Bite on a green chilly
Spoon in a mouthful
Squeeze in some lemon
A slice of onion & cucumber
Another mouthful of rice with dal,
Repeat till the plate is wiped clean.

You have my attention fully now –
I smile in love, nay, devotion.
“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”,
A truer word was never spoken!
Some magic in your hands, my love
Or perhaps some love in your heart –
Your cooking is wonderful, a wonder
Your food so tasty & delicious, divine!
Like no other food in earth or heaven.


One thought on “A Poem: My Wife’s Cooking

  1. worse poem ever .. appa ..do everything .. eat as much dal as you want .. but please do not try poetry again .. !! i wish you good luck and may you get dal in your every supper …with lemon and cucumber .. jeez ..romantic poetry is getting lost these days

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