Here’s a poem I wrote for my daughter’s recitation competition at school. It’s very basic and kiddie, of course… but my attempt was to introduce the concept of what she needs to eat and what not. And of course, knowing her curious nature, I knew there would be lots of questions!! So now she knows quite a bit… Have a read…

‘My Food Pyramid’

I love my warm pink milk

Cheese is a favourite with my ilk

so is curd and butter

And all this really does matter!                                                             


 Let me tell you about eating healthy

it does indeed make us wealthy

Servings of vegetables and fruits if 9

will keep us fit and fine


 Eggs, nuts, chicken and fish

I love all these on my dish

With breads at the bottom and junk on the top (of the pyramid)

aerated drinks? No, not a drop!


 Following this pyramid of food

is a practice that is good

On mumma’s watch I’m healthier

and also growing taller and prettier!


Thank you! 🙂

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