A few months ago, one of my friends suggested taking an epicurean adventure across India – he referred to it as Zaike ka Safar. Now, we didn’t discuss the spots we’d hit, but somehow I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind and I would keep thinking about the idea every once in a while.

Over time, I have come up some criteria in place for the trip; however, I haven’t yet decided the mouth-watering itinerary! Here’s my criteria… I need your help!

  • The trip should be maximum of 7 days long.
  • It should be a round-trip.
  • You can catch a flight, ride a train or drive
  • There should be something to look forward to each breakfast, lunch, snack time & dinner.

So, what do you think would make the best week-long foodie trip in India? Share your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Question: Zaike ka Safar

  1. Sounds like fun something that would like to follow is move from Karnataka traveling through mangalore for seafood, move to blore lots of awesome food there, move on to Coorg amazing pork then mysore move on from there to chennai had taken this trip when I was in school with my uncle who was posted in Karnataka. Can never forget walking up the steps to Shavanbelagola drinking coconut water to keep us hydrated now that’s called fun. Since I wasn’t allowed ice cream everyday it was made sure I had ice cream in all meals and ice cream dinner specially in Bangalore. Heard that place closed on my recent trip

  2. Another option is delhi – Rajasthan – Gujarat belt Gujarat sounds like a great option atleast for me as I would love to travel ther haven’t been there but what a mix of Muslim and pure veg joints. Isn’t it? Imagine the type of food that gujjus carry khakhara all those chatnis and pickles

  3. Ya, I was thinking of Delhi -> Jaipur -> Mumbai -> Goa -> Delhi as a possible itinerary, flying from Jaipur to Mumbai and Goa to Delhi of course… yummy! I like the sound of the Karnataka -> Mangalore trip too!

    1. One must drop into Hyderabad – if for nothing but a fourth meal for the day, the midnight buffet! And then catch an early morning flight to Cal…

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